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Why is it worth to join the PPP Center Foundation?

  • We create a platform for cooperation and exchange of experience for members of the Foundation Council.
  • Our members are entities with experience in implementing PPP projects, for example private partners, advisors and financing institutions.
  • We analyze Polish PPP projects - both successful and unsuccessful and develop good practices that can be used in the implementation of subsequent projects of this type.
  • We monitor the Polish PPP market on an ongoing basis, including in the scope of planned investment projects in which the PPP model is being considered.
  • We represent the interests of the members of the Foundation Council always when the situation requires it - mainly to safeguard the effective development of the PPP market in Poland.
  • We analyze the legal and economic environment of the PPP investments, and if necessary, we propose legislative changes to improve their implementation.
  • We monitor the obstacles to develop the polish PPP market and take appropriate measures to remove or eliminate them.
  • We organize meetings for members of the Foundation Council during which topics relevant to the development of the polish PPP market are raised; interesting guests and key decision makers are inviting to the meetings.
  • We organize trainings and workshops regarding PPP for public entities, private partners and financing institutions.
  • We organize sectoral workshops for public entities interested in implementing PPP projects in specific sectors; experienced practitioners are trainers at such workshops.
  • We participate in many PPP conferences, often the members of the Foundation Council represent FCPPP at such events.
  • We regularly inform members of the Foundation Council about events regarding Polish PPP market - sector newsletters regarding planned and implemented PPP projects.
  • We inform the members of the Foundation Council about upcoming events related to PPP - the newsletter of PPP events.

If you are interested in building the Polish PPP market do not hesitate and contact us:

Bartosz Mysiorski