17 October 2019

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Public-private partnership is used to carry out public functions in many countries around the world. It is increasingly difficult to find a region of the world, in which the PPP model has not been, or is not used. Over the last 14 years in 1994 - 2007 has been realized almost 1,200 contracts PPP medium for the amount of almost 290 million EURO.
The value of projects completed during the period 1994-2007 in the various geographic regions the world.

Source: development based on Dealogic data ProjectWare and PricewaterhouseCoopers

In most countries around the world the existence of a central processing unit dealing with public-private partnership was deemed to be reasonable. Such institutions already exist in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, the Czech Republic or France. In most cases, these units, even if they are not part of the public administration, is subject to its supervision - most effected by the Ministry of Finance or the Treasury. But beyond this common element, form and structure of the central units for the PPP is very diverse.

Here are the units dealing with issues of PPP in the world:

Country Name Link
Australia National PPP Forum www.pppforum.gov.au
Infrastructure Partnerships Australia www.infrastructure.org.au
Partnerships Victoria www.partnerships.vic.gov.au
Belgium Flemish PPP Knowledge Centre www2.vlaanderen.be/pps/english
Bulgaria Public-Private Partnership www.eufunds.bg/?cat=229
Canada The Canadian Council for PPP www.pppcouncil.ca
Partnerships British Columbia www.partnershipsbc.ca
Canadian Health Coalition - PPPs (P3s) www.healthcoalition.ca/realitycheck5.html
China Efficiency Unit – The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region www.eu.gov.hk
Croatia PPP Sector, Trade and Investment Promotion Agency www.apiu.hr/Home.aspx?PageID=88
Agency for PPP www.ajpp.hr
PPP Knowledge Centre www.himk.hr
Czech Republic PPP Association www.asociaceppp.cz
PPP Center www.pppcentrum.cz
PPP Regulation and Methodology Unit www.mfcr.cz
Denmark Public-Private Partnership http://www.deaca.dk/publicprivatepartnership
Estonia Public Procurement Centre www.riigihangetekeskus.ee
France PPP Unit of the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry www.ppp.minefi.gouv.fr
Centre d’Expertise Français pour l’Observation des Partenariats Public-Privé www.cefoppp.org
L'Institut de la Gestion Déléguée - The French Institute for PPP www.fondation-igd.org
Germany Public Private Partnership Task Force www.bmvbs.de/Bauwesen/Bauwirtschaft-,1521
PPP in Niedersachsen www.ppp.niedersachsen.de/master/C13274395_L20_D0.html
PPP Task Force Nordrhein-Westfalen www.ppp-nrw.de
Partnerschaften Deutschland www.partnerschaften-deutschland.de
PPP Baden-Wuerttemberg www.wm.baden-wuerttemberg.de/sixcms/detail.php/64030
PPP Bayern www.ppp.bayern.de
PPP Brandenburg www.ilb.de/ppp
PPP Hessen www.hmdf.hessen.de/irj
PPP Sachsen www.sib.sachsen.de/cms/de/projekte/oepp_projekt
PPP Sachsen-Anhalt www.sachsen-anhalt.de/LPSA/index.php?id=13299
PPP Schleswig-Holstein www.ib-sh.de/ppp
PPP Rheinland-Pfalz www.per-rlp.de/index.php?id=6
PPP Thueringen www.ppp-nrw.de
PPP Task Force Nordrhein-Westfalen www.thueringen.de/de/tmbv/shkv/ppp/ag
Greece The Special Secretariat for PPPs www.ppp.mnec.gr/en
PPP Committe www.sdit.mnec.gr/en/press_office/PPPCommittee/
Hungary Inter-Departmental PPP Committee www.khem.gov.hu/en
India Ministry of Finance, PPP Unit www.pppinindia.com
Ireland The Irish Government Public Private Partnership www.ppp.gov.ie
National Roads Authority www.nra.ie
Railway Procurement Agency www.rpa.ie/en/Pages/default.aspx
Centre of Expertise www.finance.gov.ie
Israel Ministry of Finance, PPP www.ppp.mof.gov.il/mof/ppp/mofppptopnavenglish
Italy Technical Unit for Project Financing - Italian PPP Task Force www.utfp.it/default_eng.htm
Cassa Depositi e Presiti Spa www.cassaddpp.it/cdp/index.htm
Japan Private Finance Initiative Promotion Office www8.cao.go.jp/pfi/e/home.html
Japan PFI Association www.pfikyokai.or.jp/english_v/new_v/03.html
Kazakhstan PPP Center www.ppp-center.kz
Korea Public and Private Infrastructure Investment Management Center www.pimac.org
Latvia Publiskā un privātā partnerība www.ppp.gov.lv/en/
LIAA www.liaa.gov.lv/?object_id=789
Malta Ministry of Finance - The PPP Unit www.finance.gov.mt
Mauritius Ministry of Finance and Economic Development - PPP Unit www.gov.mu/portal/sites/ncb/ppp
Netherlands Public Private Partnership and Asset Management www.minfin.nl/english
PPP Unit www.verkeerenwaterstaat.nl/
Northern Ireland Strategic Investment Board www.sibni.org
Poland PPP Institute www.ippp.pl/instytut
Portugal A Parpública – Participações Públicas, SGPS, SA www.parpublica.pt/parpublica.html
Romania Central Unit for the Coordination of PPP www.mfinante.ro/engl/index.jsp
RPA National Treasury, PPP Unit www.ppp.gov.za
Russia PPP Centre www.veb.ru/en/PPP/pppserv
Schweiz PPP Competence Center www.ppp-schweiz.ch/sections/8
Singapore Ministry of Finance, PPP Policies www.mof.gov.sg/policies/ppp.html
Slovakia Partnership for Prosperity www.p3.sk
Ministry of Finance PPP www.finance.gov.sk/EN/Default.aspx?CatID=418
Asociácia PPP www.asociaciappp.sk
Slovenia PPP Unit www.mf.gov.si/angl/index.htm
Spain Spanish Centre for Excellence and Knowledge on PPP's (CECOPP) www.cecopp.com
UK Partnerships UK www.partnershipsuk.org.uk
PPP Forum www.pppforum.com
4ps www.4ps.gov.uk
HM Treasury - The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) www.hm-treasury.gov.uk
National Audit Office - PFI and PPP Recommendations Database www.nao.org.uk
The PPP Arbiter www.ppparbiter.org.uk/output/Page1.asp
Highway Agency www.highways.gov.uk
Partnerships for Schools www.partnershipsforschools.org.uk
Community Health Partnerships www.communityhealthpartnerships.co.uk
Private Finance Unit www.mod.uk
HM Prison Service www.hmprisonservice.gov.uk
Ukraine Ukrainian Public-Private Partnership Development Center www.ukrppp.com/en
USA American Public Transport Association www.apta.com/about/committees/public_private/index.cfm
Federal Highway Administration - Public Private Partnership www.fhwa.dot.gov/ppp/index.htm
National Council for Public Private Partnerships www.ncppp.org
Institute for Public-Private Partnerships www.ip3.org


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